Meet the Creators


Shari Carlson

Shari Carlson - Performing Arts Coach - Co-Creator of the Essential Compass with Nick Scoggin, built a bridge between Martial Arts and Performing Arts allowing you to reach your essential self. The Compass is a revolutionary Guide that enables you to source your own body of knowledge and wisdom the moment you need it. Designed for performers it is valuable for everyone who works under any sort of demand.


Jeff Carlson

The Compass Presenter, is a Realtor, Businessman, Entrepreneur,  Husband, Father, and Civic Leader in his community. Jeff is a consultant for Imaginative Productions, and has been presenting the Essential Compass for over five years. The Compass helps Jeff balance his life with his many roles. Learn about the different facets of your body and mind and how they work together and express themselves. Guide yourself and your beliefs towards your ideal.

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Nick Scoggin


The Co-Creator of the Essential Compass Course is an Aikido Sensei in Martial Arts. This process is the distillation of a lifetime of experience. It was born, tried and tested in many fields. In all cases it has proven to be a stable framework wherever it has been applied. 1948 - 2017